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Occasionally you have a day when things in your world click together in a way you can't fully explain.  I'm sure you know the feeling... that the universe just handed something to you. 
I had an experience like this just a little over week ago.  It started with a news story I heard while driving my son to school about a Syrian refugee camp in Greece.   For months I've watched, heavy hearted, as this crisis dragged on. Seeing so many people living in terrible conditions and facing being turned back to the war zones from which they've fled really got to me. This particular story was told on a much more personal scale from the perspective of families and children living in these camps.  They spoke to a man, living in the camp with his six month old baby.  He'd been separated from his wife who made it into Sweden with their other children. I couldn't help thinking of my own family.  As a mother, how would I feel not knowing when I would see my husband or child again, if ever?  This crisis is made up of individuals who simply want safety like everyone else.
The story weighed on my mind throughout the day and then I encountered a startling sight while running errands in downtown L.A.  l preface this  by saying I've lived in Los Angeles over 20 years and homelessness has always been an issue here. The last few year have gotten undeniably worse with more and more tents appearing under freeway overpasses, all along the L.A. river and other places.  This particular day, while getting onto the freeway, I  noticed a row of tents set up on the concrete between the freeway entrance and a retaining wall.  It seemed like an insanely vulnerable spot with cars racing along, just a foot away from them... I couldn’t believe my eyes.
This is where things get interesting and a little serendipitous.  When I got home and checked my email, there was a newsletter from Marie Forleo about her own story of watching the refugee crisis on the nightly news and having feelings of sadness and frustration. She decided to find a way to help and found The Compassion Collective, which was literally created in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Within hours of launching their first campaign, they raised over one million dollars to care for refugees in Europe. That’s not all, they’ve expanded their mission to include caring for homeless youth in the United States. 
As I read more about The Compassion Collective, I instantly felt aligned with their message and their mission, so much so, that I decided to donate a percentage of web sales of all the "I Love You"  jewelry collections to this cause. 
When you shop can see how close we're getting to my year end goal.
Of course, my objective overall is to spread the word about this amazing charity - take a look at their website:  Click Here

We  believe this moment in time is asking us critical questions. We will respond with compassion

We are determined to find our compassion tribe, our love army, the rest of our collective. ARE YOU ONE OF US? STAND WITH US.


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In a fearful world, I stand with love.
The Compassion Collective