Creating a Cute Non-Candy Valentine for Kids

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This is the first year my son is doing Valentine's day at school, and I wanted 
to skip the candy but still come up with something fun.
You might recognize the craft cards from my "I Love You" collection .
As you can imagine I have a lot of these floating around. You can get them from Paper Source and they're about $7.50 for 50pc.    
I'll admit this was easy partially because I already have a template set up in Photoshop for printing these particular cards, alternately you could use a cute stamp on the front and handwrite inside.  I print these from the back feed of my printer and they come out great.  It took a little bit of trial and error at first, but these can work in a printer.  The cute robot was a freebie printable found on Pinterest.
For the inside, I bought a bag of cute seed paper hearts. (also from Paper Source) They have wildflower seeds embedded and can be planted.  Inside the card I printed basic instructions for germinating the seeds.
Then came the fun part for my son, decorating the envelopes.  We used puffy heart stickers from the dollar store and washi tape from Ikea.  Oh and my son's favorite at the moment, Glitter Glue!  They turned out really cute and were easy and cheap, and candy free!