I’m Amy DiLaMarra, of Sunday Girl jewelry and I would like to add a little magic to your daily dressing.    

Whether it's work, dressed for a night out, or just running around in your favorite t-shirt and jeans, you’ll find fun and bold, but easy to wear statement pieces at Sunday Girl. 

Confidence + our jewelry = your best accessories.

My Background

Originally I Studied Costume Design for theater, and worked in costuming and styling for 7 years.  

This is where I learned to see real people in my designs, because theater, film and television tell stories about people.  I had to think about who the person/character is and what they are telling about themselves through the way they’re dressed.  This included designing for a wide range of people and body types, (not just super-skinny, super-tall models).  

Subsequently, I design with a more personal intention, always thinking about who the “Sunday Girl” actually is.

I also spent several years studying painting, where I learned the most about composition, proportion, movement and color, all the fun ingredients that go into Sunday Girl jewelry.

Fun Facts

I’m originally from Normal, Illinois (yes that is an actual town) but I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 20+ years.  I live & work in Highland Park with my super-supportive husband and my son (who is the best person I know). 

Before starting Sunday Girl I designed a line of handbags and leather accessories called Kudra. 

I started designing jewelry free-lance after the economy crash in 2008,  I was a concept designer for Badgley Mishcka, ESQ, Hale Bob and several others.

Sunday Girl started as an Etsy shop with just a line of zodiac pendant necklaces.

The name Sunday Girl comes from a Blondie song.  (Debbie Harry is a style icon I’ve obsessed over my entire life,  so there’s also that.)


Every piece of jewelry is designed by me and is handmade either by me or local artisans in Los Angeles.  Findings and stones are sourced locally and world-wide, selected for the best quality available.

I Believe:

I. Getting Dressed should be fun. Style should feel effortless

II. In seeing, exploring and growing so my designs are fresh. 

III. In Women!  If they feel amazing, can do amazing things.