Our Journey
Amy Di Lamarra started her career as a Costume Designer, but always had a love of fashion and accessories. Her first venture Kudra, a line of leather goods, was sold worldwide through boutiques and larger chains like Anthropologie. (Inexperience & fast-paced growth, made it vulnerable to the 2008 crash and the brand was closed in 2009.)

In 2011, after a few years designing for other brands, Amy created a small line of zodiac necklaces which sold mainly online. The pieces quietly gained attention of reps and retailers and Amy began to steadily build a new brand. Sunday Girl by Amy Di Lamarra, was officially launched in 2014, and since then has grown it in an organic way that allows Amy time for her family.

Our Ethos
Sunday Girl now offers chic statement jewelry and modern metaphysical talisman pieces for effortless looking style. Amy's costume design background still informs her design process, creating jewelry that's part of the complete look. Sunday Girl offers bold, original pieces designed with your whole wardrobe in mind.

Our Products
Our jewelry is made by hand by local talented piece workers or by USA manufacturers with high ethical standards of working conditions and pay.

Giving Back
We believe that businesses can make a difference and stand from something. Every year we run several special events to raise money for different charities. L.A. Food Bank is one of our favorites but we also work with many others as well as others. Most recently we gave proceeds from an Instagram sale to  Loveland Foundation therapy fund, which provides financial assistance to Black women and girls seeking therapy. (Let us know if you have a worthy cause you think we should check into for a future event.)