About Sunday Girl

Founded in 2014 , Sunday Girl jewelry playfully combines geometric shapes, color and light from hand-selected gemstones as well as talisman imagery.  The result is modern yet romantic pieces that are at once fashion forward and timeless.  They're  your go-to pieces for effortless looking style.  

Sunday Girl's designer, Amy DiLaMarra, draws from over a decade immersed in accessory creation, it truly what she lives and breathes. Sunday Girl strives to a little magic to your daily dressing.

About How it's Made:

All of our jewelry pieces are made by hand right in Los Angeles.  We pride ourselves in supporting/creating jobs locally and paying fair wages.   

All manufacturing and production is done right here in Los Angeles, including casting, finishing and assembly.   Stones are hand selected for quality by the designer.  Our other materials are sourced world-wide and also held to the highest quality standards. 

We are passionate about quality, and aim to create stylish pieces that you will want to wear for years to come.  

So, what's 143 all about?

I'm Amy, the founder of Sunday Girl Jewelry and like many customers I've met over the last few years, the numbers 143 have special meaning in my life. 
Not long after my husband to-be and I moved in together, he began to leave me little notes for me that would just say "143 -Will".   It stood for the number of letters in each of the words "I Love You". 
Many years later, I designed some stacking beaded friendship style bracelets but I wanted them to have something extra, something unique and meaningful, so I put little gold beads separated by the seed beads, first 1 then 4, then 3 of them. Voila, the "I Love You" bracelet was born. 
So you see, this line is quite literally inspired by love!    It's been wonderful to meet customers who have their own personal connection to 143 code.  Some of my favorite customers include a couple with matching 143 tattoos, a woman who used 143 with her best friend in Elementary school and another one who's parents used the code at work because they weren't supposed to be dating.   Many of my customers also tell me about how they intend to gift their purchase to someone going through a tough time, or to give to a group of special women in their life. 

"...Love is Like Oxygen, 
Love is a Many Splendored Thing, 
Love Lifts us Up Where We Belong, 
All you need is Love!


I. Getting Dressed should be fun. Style should feel effortless. 

 II. In seeing, exploring and growing.   We constantly search so our designs are fresh. 

 III. In Women!  If they feel amazing, can do amazing things.