What has become Sunday Girl was started almost 10 years ago with a 12 pc collection of zodiac necklaces. My journey up to that point was long and varied so I'll just give a few of the highlights. After studying Costume Design for theater, I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles and worked in costuming and styling for 7 years. 

Although I eventually switched careers, Costuming is where I learned to see real people in my design work. Costumes are all about who the person/character is and what they are telling the world about themselves through the way they’re dressed. I learned to appreciate and design for a wide range of people and body types, and I'm passionate about inclusivity in design. I want a range of people to be able to see themselves in Sunday Girl designs.

I started by first business, Kudra, a leather handbag and accessories back in 2003. I was really proud of those designs, we got great press and we were sold in tons of amazing stores all over the US, Japan and beyond, most of which closed down after the crash of 08'. You can probably figure out what happened to Kudra. After that I spent the next a few years designing jewelry and accessories for other brands. I eventually starting working on my own projects and little by little I built up a jewelry line which has grown into the Sunday Girl brand.

Sunday Girl's studio is in Highland Park where I live with my super-supportive husband and my son (the best people I know). 



Every piece of jewelry is designed by Amy and is handmade by Amy and her team in Los Angeles. Materials are sourced in both the US, as much as possible, and world-wide, Findings & Stones are hand-selected for the best quality available.


I’m a girl from Normal, Illinois, (yes that's the actual name of the town) with no formal business training nor do I come from an entrepreneurial family.  I just had a stubborn (and blissfully clueless) passion and drive to figure it out.  I'm also a mom first.  Family/ life/ work balance is everything and it's something that women business owners tend to bring to their work culture.  We need more women running businesses.   

Giving Back:

We believe that businesses can make a difference and stand from something. Every year we run several special events to raise money for different charities. L.A. Food Bank is one of our favorites but we also work with many others as well as others. Most recently we gave proceeds from an Instagram sale to  Loveland Foundation therapy fund, which provides financial assistance to Black women and girls seeking therapy. (Let us know if you have a worthy cause you think we should check into for a future event.)

Getting Dressed should be fun. Style should feel effortless